"You Got This" Plan

You don't have anyone to run your social media or you just haven't got the time. Don't worry - we got you covered!

What do you get?

- 1 Face- to- face / Skype meeting to cover the basics and discuss your goals/ criteria.

·      Includes setting up social media accounts. Showing you the basics so you get more of an understanding as to how it all works and so we won't sound like aliens when we update you with how it is going.

- Follow up meeting via face-to-face / Skype to discuss the strategy we have put together for your business, benchmarking against other brands and what they are doing. Once the way forward is mutually agreed, we will get cracking with running your social media.

- Monthly reports.

- Meetings as and when required.

How will we run your social media?

This will depend on whether you want to use all social media platforms or if there is one you really want to focus on, or that we feel will work best for you. This will include:

·      Instagram

·      Twitter

·      Facebook

·      Youtube

Not all social media accounts are needed, depending on your brand and audience. We will discuss this and tailor our plan and price accordingly.

*Plans can be combined if you want us to help you set up your social media accounts, provide you with bespoke advice and then you want to run it yourself. Go You! 

How much to have my business in good hands?

Price to be discussed, depending on requirements and needs.